Housing & living environment

We approach collective housing as a collaborative undertaking with the client and local authorities. We prioritise and correlate the objectives in order to provide appropriate solutions. We devote all our efforts in order to offer balanced, compliant and cost-effective architecture.

We adapt our output to market trends and to advances in standards and technology.

We work on the basis of 4 design themes:

  • The urban fabric and how the building is incorporated into its environment.
  • Materials, their appropriate use and their sustainability.
  • Transitions between private and public space.
  • Uses and interior comfort relating to living spaces such as natural light, the organisation of housing and the quality of outdoor spaces.

They put their trust in us:

Bouygues Immobilier, Alila, Kaufman & Broad, Nexity, Icade, UTEI, Diagonale, 6ème Sens, Confiance Immobilier...

Health & Research

We execute production and research laboratories in France and abroad, in conventional project management, design-and-build and public-private partnership. Our clients are in both the private and the public sectors.

Our design approach enables:

  • Provision of a functional solution to manage the flow of people, materials and waste.       
  • Incorporation of the major requirements of technical bodies in terms of volume and organisation of the premises.
  • Flexibility and scalability of the laboratories in light of the rapid evolution of activities.
  • Provision of comfortable environments for users, whether in respect of visual, thermal or acoustic aspects, in compliance with environmental regulations.
  • Implementation of a specific and recognisable image in tune with the expected character.

They put their trust in us:

Public sector: CEA, CNRS, ENS, Universités, CIRC...
Private Sector: L'Oréal, Sanofi, LFB, Synbiotics...

Offices & Industry

We study all the characteristics of the company and its activity to achieve an architecture that is fit for purpose, ergonomic and functional.

4 design themes are prioritised:

  • Flexibility and scalability of floor plates.
  • Ease of movement between the various spaces.
  • Optimisation of communal areas, promoting meeting and dialogue.
  • The quest for visual, thermal and acoustic comfort.

They put their trust in us:

SNCF, SHAM, Lisi, Blanchon-Syntilor, Elis, Loire Etude, Hermès...

Culture & Education

We design projects in France and abroad, in conventional project management, design-and-build and public-private partnership. We operate in the context of both new-build operations and rehabilitation or conversion.

The solutions provided in respect of these very diverse schemes have some aspects in common:

  • Creating a distinctive living environment and placing the user at the heart of considerations.
  • Affording comfort while providing best-in-class and instructive environmental solutions.
  • Organising spaces so that they are functional and easy to use, without being afraid to innovate.
  • Offering an image, an expression and materials in tune with our time, without bowing to fashion.
  • Adhering to the budgets allocated to operations.

They put their trust in us:

Région Auvergne Rhône Alpes, Ville d’Oullins, Ville de St Priest, Lyon Métropole, IINP Grenoble, Université de Strasbourg, Université Blaise Pascal de Clermont Ferrand, …